Alabama Adventure page 2

Julie get's the "Shirt of the Day" award fo sho!

Yeah hi we do this just for you. You're WELCOME!!!

So Julie won the Vekoma wheel during our trivia games.

She got the Locomotion sign!

Woo hoo! The GAP represents and ALWAYS keeps it classy!

Time for a ride on they stratos feat!

I hope it stops at the top!
(it was repossessed from the old owners)

Now it's time for our luxurious 4 star backstage tour!

Of course Rock was loving this part of the day!

Yeah, we are sitting in a river barDge instead of riding rides.

Brandi about to get eat by Gummy bear!

..Another waterless water ride that we are sittin in....again.

Jonathan towers over they boomerang.

It's getting about time for some night ERT on Rampage....but first...

...ERT on the vibrator chair.

WOO HOO!!!!!!

The front seat of this ride is the bomb!

We are like sooooo lucky to get treatment like this....but we totally deserve it.

You butta hold on to those glasses.

..As the night progressed....

...peeps starting dropping like ho's in an alley.

So we concluded our ERT!

Thanks for the cash! Oh wait, we don't profit from friends. But serial, THANK YOU
ALABAMA ADVENTURE and CHRIS for hooking us up!


Next PTR.....2009 GAPZAAAAA at Dollywood!