Alabama Adventure
Official GAP Gathering 2009

So yeah, it's late as hell but it's finally hurr!

Our 1st ever GAP Gathering
at Alabama Adventure!

Look at all the cool stuff we get to do deuceday!

Look at my awesome gift Chris Dizzle left for me! Oh snap!

Gurl! Seriously?

It was super hot today.... thank Budda that we had the fountain from CP to cool us off.

They be all kindz of GAP peeps up in this trailer today!

Jonathan was representin' with his GAP apparel as well.

New for AA in 09 is pizza on the bumper cars.

Who is this guy again? Anyone?

..Jarsh done broke-ded the que "line".

From they scary ferris wheel you can see errthang.

The park has improved a lot since the last time I wuz up in hurr.

I love they Rampage!

Yes, that says unlimited drinks...thanks.

Oh are so crae!

I love it when peeps show they colors and make they own clothes.

Ford and his twin brother enjoy a ride on Rampageatories.

..This coaster is way fun. Can'y wait for ERT at night bitches!

More peeps show up! Now it's time to eat and get free shit.

Fellow GAPper Chriz Dizzle who also hooked us up at Alabama Adventure get his amazing laminate.

Yeah, they totally hooked us up. Look at all this crap!!!

Don't even try to steal it Jarsh!

I bet you aint got one of these RDC.

So besides getting unlimited soda.....

...we also got all the ketchup and mustards we want!

Brandon and BAYron came also....

...and he brought his rash with him. Ew.

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